About us

Our Message To You

Our vision, values and mission are simple:  Care, compassion, kindness Innovation and Transparency. This is embedded in our standards framework which we strive to implement continuously with our residents

Our Vision

All Service Users will be able to access care and support needs that are delivered with dignity, respect, kindness and compassion to enable individuals to enjoy everyday life

Our Mission

To provide innovative and responsive care support service that is tailored to each individual needs, choices and circumstances

Our Values

We have 5 core values that underpin our care and support plant. These core values inform our policies and procedures, interaction with each other, partners and service users, in line with the transforming care agenda. Embracing these values is what makes us unique and strong.
• Care: we value people and seek to treat them with utmost respect to ensure their well being.

• Compassion: We understand and advocate for our service user’s holistic needs and the importance of involving both service users and stakeholders in our service delivery and development.

• Kindness: We strive to make a difference in people’s lives by promoting a culture of good will through kindliness.

• Innovation: We inspire with knowledge and innovative ways of working.

• Transparency: We act with honesty and integrity by being open and responsive.